Multiple Churches

iKnow is designed to work for churches who have a single location and those that have multiple locations.

If you have multiple locations, there are various areas of iKnow where you can choose to see details from a single location, a selection of locations or all of your locations.

You will find the selector for this at the top right of iKnow in several modules of iKnow.  It can be found in People, Teams, Map-App, Events, Check-In, Room Booking, as well as in the Settings area for GDPR and Messages.

The selector will show the name of the location, if you have a single location selected, or it will show Multiple Locations if you have more than one location selected.

If you have selected multiple locations, you can see which are selected by clicking the selector.  When the window opens, you will see all the currently selected locations listed on the left.  Locations can be removed from the selection by clicking them in the list.  You will need to click the Apply button to apply your changes to the module you are using.

To select locations, click the selector so that the window opens, you can then tick the tickbox alongside the locations you would like to see. You will see the locations appear in the list on the left and will need to click the Apply button to apply your changes.

You can select all the locations in a particular hub by ticking the tickbox next to the hub name. If the hub has more than three locations within it, you will see a View All button. You can click this button to see all the locations in the hub.

If you have a group of locations that you regularly want to see together you can save a selection. You will need to select the locations that are to be part of the selection, check that all the locations are in the list on the left, then click the Save button at the bottom of the list. You’ll then need to give the selection a name and click the Create button. Now, when you want to see this particular group of locations, you can choose it from the drop down list. If you want to remove a saved selection, choose it from the drop down list and click the Delete button.

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