Form Creation


Custom Forms, in iKnow, allows you to create forms to collect information which can be added to iKnow. The forms can be accessed through a link that can be sent to those you wish to fill it in, they can be embedded into a website or they can be made available in iKnow for logged in users to complete.

To create a new form, you will need to go to Settings and click Custom Forms. Any forms that have already been created will be listed here.

To create a new form, click the Add Form button.

You will need to give your form a name in the Form Name field.

If you want people to be able to complete the form when they log in to their iKnow profile, you will need to set the Available in iKnow toggle to green. This will mean a link to the form will appear in the Me section of iKnow.

To make the form available to be completed, the Live toggle will need to be set to green. If you want to prevent people completing the form, you can set the Live toggle to grey.

Any text that you enter in the Welcome Text will appear at the top of the form. Any text entered in the Closing Text will appear at the end of the form. These could be used to give information about your Privacy Policy.

If the form is to be available for a limited time, you can add a Publish and Expiry date which will mean it can’t be completed outside these dates.

If you have a specific template that you want to be used when contacting people who complete the form, by email or letter, you can add it by selecting it from the Branding Template dropdown menu.

Once you have completed the details, click the Save button at the top of the page and you will then be able to build your form.

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