Managing Room Bookings

When your Rooms have been set up in Settings, you are ready to start booking your rooms.

To book a room, you will need to go to the Room Booking module in iKnow, which will bring up the Room Booking calendar where your bookings will be displayed. The calendar will show bookings for the location you have selected in the selector at the top right of the page.

You are able to view the Room Bookings for multiple locations, if you wish. Simply click the selector at the top right, select the locations you wish to view and click Apply. The Room Booking calendar will now show bookings for all of the locations you selected.

You can filter the rooms, so that only bookings for selected rooms are shown, by clicking the Filter Rooms button.

You will see a list of buildings, from the selected locations, and on the right, the number of rooms that are available in each building. Clicking the arrow, to the right of the number, will display a list of rooms. You can select which rooms you wish to see, by ticking or unticking the tick box next to the room name, and then clicking the Apply Filter button at the bottom of the list. The calendar will, now, only show bookings for the selected rooms.

Rooms have to be booked to Clients, so your first task will be to add a Client, if they haven’t already been added to the system. To add a Client, click Clients in the bar at the top of the page.

Any Clients that have already been added will be listed here, to add a new Client, click the +Client button. The only required information in the Client form is the Client’s Name, but you can add as much of the other information as you wish. Once the details have been completed, click the Add Client button at the bottom of the form. The new client should appear in the list of clients.

To book a room for your new client, click Calendar in the bar at the top of the page and then click the + Booking button at the top right of the Calendar page.

In the Create A Booking form you will have to select which campus the booking is for, if you have multiple locations, add a Client and add the Room that you are booking. You will also need to add the Date for the booking, as well as the Start Time and End Time. These fields are required and you won’t be able to save your booking without completing them all.

There are also a number of optional fields that you can choose to complete. You will be able to select a Category and a Layout, these will be dependent on the Room that you have selected. You can also enter how many people are expected and add any Notes that may be useful.

You will be able to select any Asset Category or Asset that has been made available for the Room, from the dropdown menu. You can add additional Assets by clicking the Add New link that appears after you add your first Asset. Assets can be removed from the booking by clicking the red x to the right of the Asset.

If the booking is Provisional, if you are waiting for a deposit to be paid for example, you can tick the Provisional tick box.

If this is a repeating booking, tick the Repeat Booking tick box. You will be able to choose from options to set the booking to repeat Daily, Weekly or Monthly from the dropdown menu. You will also see a Custom option which allows for more flexibility.

Once you have completed the Create Booking form, click the Create Booking button at the bottom of the page. Your room booking will appear in the calendar on the date you’ve booked it.

If the system detects that the room you have booked is already booked for someone at the same time as your new booking, you will receive a clash notification. You will then be able to adjust the new booking so that there is no longer a clash, or discard it completely. The same will happen if you have tried to book an asset to 2 rooms at the same time.

You may wish to check for available rooms, before making your booking, to avoid a room booking clash. You can do this by clicking the Filter Rooms button at the top of page. At the bottom of the list of rooms you will see the Find Available Rooms button. Click the button to start your search.

You will need to enter the date you want to book the room for, as well as the start and end times of the booking. You also have the option to select a specific room category, as well. Once these details have been entered, click the Search button. This will produce a list of rooms that are available on the date and between the times, you have selected. You can click the Book button next to the room you wish to book and follow the previous Room Booking instructions to book your room.

To edit an existing booking, find the right month in the calendar and click the day on which the booking has been made. You will see the booking appear on the right of the calendar. If it is a confirmed booking it will appear under the Booked Rooms tab, you will need to click the Provisional Rooms tab to see rooms that are provisionally booked. You can click the pencil icon to edit the booking, or click the bin icon to delete it.

You are also able to generate reports for your room bookings, which can be emailed to the relevant people, or printed and handed out or displayed.

This is done by clicking Printouts in the bar at the top of the page.

The Daily Planner option will allow you to choose a specific day to produce the report for, the Weekly Planner option allows you to choose a week beginning on a Monday, from the dropdown menu and the Custom Planner allows you to set a date range for the report.

In the Options section you can choose which additional information you would like to appear on the report and, if the report is for more than one day, whether there will be a new page for each day.

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