My Giving area

If it has been activated by a Finance Administrator, iKnow users can access the My Giving area from their Dashboard.

When you log in to iKnow, you will see a My Giving option at the top of the Dashboard.  Clicking this will take you to the My Giving Area.

At the top of the My Giving area you will see any Active Recurring Donations that you have set up. You can view details of the donations by clicking the eye icon to the right of the donation. You can also cancel a Recurring Donation by clicking the red dustbin button.

If the option to view historic donations has been switched on, you will be able to see the Recent Donations section, this will list any previous donations that you have made. You can filter the donations by the Campaigns they were donated to, or by the dates that donations were made.

The Payment Methods section lets you see what Payment Methods are being used for your Recurring Donations. You can change the Payment Method for a Recurring Donation by clicking the orange button to the right of the Payment Method. This will allow you to enter new details, which will be used from the next time that the Recurring Donation is paid. Clicking the red dustbin button will allow you to remove the Payment Method from iKnow. You will only be able to remove Payment Methods that are not being used for any Recurring Donations.

Finally, at the top of the page, you will see the Donate button, which will allow you to set up new one-off, or Recurring Donations, directly from your iKnow profile.

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