Producing Giving Statements

You are able to produce Giving Statements individually, or for everyone in a particular location.

To produce an individual Giving Statement, in Finance click on List of Givers in the left hand menu.

To produce an individual Giving Statement, search for the person and click on the Giving ID to open their giving profile.

On the top left hand side you will see a box detailing Giving By The Year. Use the arrows to scroll to the correct year and then click on the Giving Statement button to download a copy of the statement.

To download batch statements, in Finance click on Batch Giving Statements from the menu on the left hand side.

If you have more than one location these will be displayed on the left hand side. If they are green then they are selected and you will download statements for these locations. If you do not want to include one or more of the locations simply click on the location name and it will turn grey.

Use the dropdown to select the year you wish to produce statements for and then click Create Giving Reports. This could take some time if depending on the number of reports to be produced.

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