Groups for Overseers

Group Networks allow you allocate people to oversee more than one group.  For example, you may have several groups in the same area, each with their own Group Leader, but you are also able to have someone who oversees all of those groups.  This is done by creating a Group Network and assigning someone as the overseer of that network.

You can create a Group Network by going to Settings in the dropdown menu, or clicking the icon at the top of the Dashboard. Click Group Networks and click New Group Network at the top of the page. Give your new Group Network a name and click the Save button.

You are able to create hierarchies of Networks so that an overseer of Network A will also be an overseer of Network B and Network C. An overseer of Network B will also be an overseer of Network C.

Once you have created your Networks, you can add your Groups to them. Go to Settings, click Groups and then click the Group Networks button. You can then choose which Network, or Networks, the Group will be part of by ticking the checkboxes. Once the Networks are selected, click Save All at the bottom of the window.

To make someone a Group Overseer, go to the People module and search for the person who is to become the overseer. Click their name in the list, click the Edit button and click the Group Networks tab. Click the Add Record button. If you have more than one Campus, you can select the Campus that the Network is in, or you can select All Campuses. You can then select the Network that you want this person to oversee.

If you want them to oversee more than one network, you can click Add Record again and select the details for any subsequent networks they will oversee. Once you have selected all the networks they will oversee, click the Save button.

Please Note

An overseer will have access to all groups in their network, or networks, and will be able to add and remove members, take attendance and add events to the group calendar. They do not have to be added as a member of the group.

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