Record Attendance

On the dashboard, you can either click the Groups icon, or select it from the dropdown menu, and click on the group you are taking attendance for.

Please be aware that the term ‘Life Group’ may be different in your own Church, for example Small Group, or Home Group. The language used within iKnow will be specific to your Church.

Attendance is displayed on the right-hand side. On the left, under Record Attendance, you will see any group meetings that have not had attendance taken. If the Group didn’t meet on that date, click the red ‘X’ and the meeting will be removed from the Group Calendar. Otherwise, click the green tick to take attendance for the meeting.

Alternatively, you can click Attendance at the top of the page which will automatically select the date of the most recent group event. You can change this by clicking the appropriate date in the Calendar on the left. Dates in green have already had attendance taken for them, dates in red have not.

Use the radio buttons to select whether each member attended, did not attend or can be ignored.

If you wish, you may use Attendance Notes to add more information; for example, why a member did not attend.

Once you have finished, click the green Save Attendance button at the top of the list.

Total Attendance is shown at the top right of the page and is automatically calculated based on the radio buttons selected when taking attendance. If there were any Guests, you can enter a number directly in the box labelled Guests.

If you have enabled them in Settings, you will be able to record Baptisms, Salvations and whether Communion was taken at the top right of the page. 

Below this is Group Notes, which can be used to quickly and easily send feedback to anyone who is an overseer of your Group. Once you have added your notes, click the blue Send notes to Group Network Overseers button. The language on the button will be specific to your Church.

If you have enabled it in the Journey settings, you will also be able to record the date that Journey items have been completed, in the Group Attendance.  Simply click the Journey dropdown and enter the relevant date next to the Journey item you wish to update.

Once you have finished, you can click on My Group and you will see that the statistics on the right-hand side have been updated.

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