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iKnow Contactless App

To use Contactless giving through iKnow, we will need to download the iKnow Contactless app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

The app then allows our phone to work as a card terminal, so donors can tap their card or phone, to our phone and the donation will be taken from their account.

To use the iKnow Contactless app, we’ll need to set up our Contactless Groupings and Devices in our iKnow account.


Contactless Groupings

Contactless Groupings allow us to set which Campaign, or Campaigns, a Device can be set up to take donations for.  It also allows us to set some pre-defined amounts for donors to choose from, or to add a button that will allow donors to choose the amount they wish to donate.

To add a Contactless Grouping, we will need to go to Finance and click Contactless in the menu at the top of the page.  The Contactless Grouping tab will be selected and we can click the + Contactless Grouping button, at the top right, to add our new Contactless Grouping.

First we need to give our Contactless Grouping a name.  This can be anything you want, but should make it clear what this Grouping will allow donors to donate to, when other Finance users access the page.

Next, we need to choose which Campaign, or Campaigns, are going to be included in this Grouping.  If you select more than one Campaign, donors will be able to choose which Campaign they want to donate to in the iKnow Contactless app.

The next step is to choose any pre-defined amounts for donors to choose.  We can select up to 6 pre-defined amounts, and these can include up to 4 Custom amounts.  If we switch on a toggle for a Custom amount, we’ll see a box appear where we can set our Custom amount.  This can be any amount we choose.  We will need to select at least one pre-defined amount.

Finally, we can choose to allow donors to select their own custom amount, rather than using one of our pre-defined amounts, by switching on the ‘Allow Donor to add custom amount’ toggle.

We can then click the Save button and our Contactless Grouping will be added and available for us to select when we set up our Devices.

Once the Contactless Grouping has been saved, it will appear in the list on the Contactless Grouping tab.

We can view the details of our Contactless Groupings by clicking the eye button to the right of the Grouping, and edit the Grouping by clicking the orange Edit button at the bottom of the view window.

We can remove a Contactless Grouping by clicking the red, dustbin button to the right of the Grouping.



In the Devices tab we set up our mobile devices, this enables us to link the iKnow Contactless app to our iKnow account on a particular mobile device.

To add a new Device, we’ll need to click on the + Device button at the top right of the page.

We’ll need to give your Device a name, this should be something that allows other users to identify the device.

We’ll then need to add a location for our device, which would be where we would expect this device to be used.  So we may set the location as Main Building, or Front Entrance, or Coffee Shop, for example.

Finally, we’ll need to choose which Contactless Grouping to link the Device to, which will determine which Campaigns will appear, and which donation amounts.

Once these are set, we’ll need to click the Add Device button to add our device.  A window will then come up that will confirm the details that we’ve just added, at the top, and at the bottom will show a QR Code and a code consisting of several letters and numbers.  This is how we will link the iKnow Contactless app on the device to our iKnow account so that any donations are recorded, and so that the payment processor knows which bank account donations should be credited to.

To link the device, open the iKnow Contactless app, tap the Scan QR button and scan the QR code that we can see on the screen.  Alternatively, click the Enter Code button and type in the code, consisting of the letters and numbers, into the box that comes up.  This will then link the device to our iKnow account.  If the Contactless Grouping we have linked the device to has more than one Campaign attached to it, we will see a list of Campaigns on our device.  If there is only one Campaign in the Contactless Grouping, the device will show the selection of amounts that can be donated.

If we don’t have the Device available, or don’t have the iKnow Contactless app downloaded, we can click the Close button, at the bottom of the window, which will save the Device.  When we have the device ready, we can click the Device tab and click the eye button to the right of the Device.  In the window that opens, we’ll be able to see the codes and be able to link our mobile device.

Clicking the orange padlock button will lock the device, which will mean we won’t be able to take any donations on that device until we re-link it, using one of the codes.

If we want to remove a device, we can click the red dustbin button to the right of it and then click the Delete Device button at the bottom of the window.  This can be useful if the device has been lost, or stolen, for example.



We’re able to see any donations that have been made via our Contactless devices, by going to Transactions and clicking the Contactless tab.  This will list all the Contactless donations that have been made.  We can see the date of the donation, which device it was made on, which Campaign it was given to and the amount of the donation with any fees.

Contactless donations will also be listed in our Payouts.

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