Controlling your Custom App

Once you have your mobile app, you will want to be able to keep it up to date, reflecting the life of your church and community.

A lot of the app is automatically updated when you update your iKnow church account.

For instance, the calendar on the app will instantly reflect any changes you make on the Events Calendar using the browser version of iKnow.

This is the same for the Podcasts, Ticketing and Teams.


Updating the featured Page

The Featured Page is where you can post regular updates from your leadership and team about what is happening in the church.

To update the Featured Page, you will need to visit the Mobile App Builder in the Settings module. To edit the page click the Featured Page tab.

Mobile App Featured Page

You will see a list of all of the articles that are currently on your mobile app.

The toggle switch will make the page live or take it offline, the green Preview button will allow you to see what the article looks like on a phone, the Edit button allows you to make any adjustments you need to and ,finally, the Delete button will remove the article.

Sending Push notifications

Push notifications can be sent from the People module.

Once your mobile app is live, you will be able to see a Push Notification button on the top left hand side of the people module.

You can add a Title and a Message Body here. This will appear as a notification on the phone of everyone who has the app, and hasn’t disabled notifications.

Re-building your app

Once your app is live, to make changes to the design or turn different features on and off, you can go to Settings and click Mobile App Builder.

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