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All offers advertised in video have now expired and are no longer available

We’ve created a Mobile App Builder tool within iKnow so that you can begin the process of creating your very own Mobile App for your Church.

To access the Mobile App Builder, from your Dashboard, head into Settings and click Mobile App Builder.

At this point, you’ll be able to select whether you wanted to choose a Custom Template Design or a Premium Design. Select which of these options you’d like. If you choose a Premium Design, you’ll be prompted to contact us directly where a member of our design team can have a conversation with you. For a Custom Template Design, you’ll be prompted to select one of the four templates available for you.

Once you’ve selected your template, you’ll be asked to select which Features you want included in your Mobile App. These can be accessed by buttons on the home page or from the Main Menu.

On the next page, you begin to add the important details and build your home page. In Style you can set the core colour scheme for your Mobile App, and then as you move down the page, select any images you may have, select where you want the buttons to link to (whether that’s an external website or a feature within the app i.e. My Rota’s). Alternatively, if you don’t have any images of your own, you can use the default images on the Template. If you want to use these, just tick the Use Default Image box. You’ll still need to set a name and a target location for these buttons.

If your Church has Social Media channels, you can link those to your Mobile App. On the next page, simply provide the relevant links for these.

On the penultimate page, you can now provide the details for your Mobile App for submission. Upload the logo you want to use, name the Mobile App and upload the descriptions and keywords. These are all really important as they’ll shape how people will discover and download your Mobile App. For the name, maybe consider a really simple name such as your Church’s name. For the Keywords, be sure to mention anything that is really important to your Church, such as your town and any other key information.

The final page is the Summary Page. Check over all of your details to make sure that you’re happy with your Mobile App. Once you’re completely happy, click Publish. This will send your specification over to us and we’ll begin building your Mobile App!

There is one very final stage which you’ll need to complete in order for your Mobile App to be submitted to the App Store. You’ll need to register a Developer Account with Apple. You’ll be prompted to do this at the end of the App Builder. We’ve got more advice on this available here.

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