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Your church privacy policy should be displayed on your website and when someone gives their information to your church. In this short tutorial we won’t cover what a privacy policy should contain but rather how you can add your privacy policy to iKnow so that it is displayed in the appropriate places.

To upload or change your privacy policy go to Settings, click Data Manager and click Start alongside GDPR. Then click Privacy Policy, in the Policies section at the bottom of the page.

When you click the Privacy Policy button, you will see a list showing all the versions of the Privacy Policy that have been created for your church. Each time you edit your Privacy Policy, a new version will be added to the list, giving you an audit trail of all changes made to your Policy, including who made the changes and when.

If you want to view your current Privacy Policy, click the View button at the top of the page. To view any of the previous versions, click the View button alongside the version you wish to view.

If you need to update your Privacy Policy, click the Edit button at the top of the page, make the changes that are needed and click the Save button, at the bottom of the screen.

You are also able to purchase a draft Privacy Policy, from iKnow Church, which can then be amended and personalised for your church. To Purchase a draft Privacy Policy, click the Purchase button at the top of the screen and the click Purchase Draft in the pop up that appears.

You will need to enter your name and confirm that you are authorised to make the purchase.

Please Note

Payment will be taken using the direct debit that has already been set up for your iKnow payments.

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