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Child Check-in Wristband Details:

We can post a complimentary Sample Pack with Wristbands and Parent ID Cards
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If you wanted to purchase wristbands for Child Check in, we can provide ready prepared wristbands with iKnow branding. These are only available in White and we sell them in lots of 1000. They are priced at £60 per 1000 plus a delivery charge of £5 incl VAT. Once ordered, Wristbands should be received within a week.

Unfortunately these are currently unavailable for purchase directly from us


If you wanted your own wristbands with your own branding or in different colours, you can contact our recommended supplier directly by emailing Steven at wristbands.co.uk

Their prices are as follows:

1000 @ £70/1000
2000 @ £60/1000
5000 @ £45/1000
10,000 @ £35/1000
These prices are excluding VAT and there is a £12 delivery charge.


For Parent / Guardian ID cards;

You can purchase ID cards directly from our supplier (Company Cards) for Parents and Guardians of the Children. Costs as broken down below.  https://www.companycards.co.uk/

Qty:   Price
500 - £ 222.00     | 1000 - £290.00      | 2000 - £450.00
They are  760 Micron PVC Plastic Cards, 54mm x 86mm.

You can email Leanne who is our contact at companycards.co.uk mention that your ordering cards for iKnow Church system this should speed up the process. You'll need to design these yourself with the company

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