Unassigned Recurring

If someone sets up a Recurring Donation through one of your Giving Pages and is either a brand new Donor, or doesn’t include their Giving ID when they complete the form, the Recurring Donation will appear in the Unassigned Recurring tab.

Within the Unassigned Recurring tab, you can assign the Recurring Donation to an existing Giving ID or, if it is a brand new Donor, you can create a new donor profile with a new Giving ID.

To assign the Recurring Donation, you will need to click the blue button to the right of the donation. In the window that comes up, you will be able to add a new donor profile by clicking the ‘+’ button, or search for an existing donor, based on the name added to the donation, to associate the Recurring Donation with.

Once you have done this, the Recurring Donation will be removed from the the Unassigned Recurring tab.

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