Ticketing Check-In

You are able to use the free, iKnow Mobile App, to scan the QR codes on tickets that people have ordered from your iKnow ticketing page, to check them into your events.

You can download the iKnow Mobile App from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.

To use the Mobile App to check people in, you will need to set up your Checkpoints in your ticketing event.

You will need to go to Ticketing, click the relevant ticketing event and click the Check-In tab.

To add a Checkpoint, click the +Checkpoint button and a new row will appear below. You will need to give your Checkpoint a name, such as Main Entrance, and also set the date and time that the Checkpoint will open and close. You won’t be able to check people in before or after the open and close times. Once these are set, click the Save button. If there are multiple points of entry to the event, you can set up separate Checkpoints for each one.

Now, when you are ready to start checking people into the event, you will be able to link the Checkpoint to the iKnow Mobile App on the mobile of the person, or people, that are manning the Checkpoints for the event.

To do this, you will need to have the iKnow Mobile App on your device and be logged in. You can then click the burger menu at the bottom left of the screen and tap Tickets. On the Ticket Details page, you will see a small QR code icon at the top right which you will need to tap, this will bring you to the Open Checkpoint page. You then need to tap Scan a QR code to open a Checkpoint, to open the QR scanner.

Now you will need to go back to iKnow on your computer and click the blue button under QR, alongside the relevant Checkpoint. This will bring up a QR Code that you can scan with the QR Scanner on your mobile device. You will see a message on screen asking you to confirm that you wish to open the Checkpoint, click OKAY. If this is the wrong Checkpoint, click Cancel, open the correct QR code on your computer and scan again.

Once the Checkpoint is open on the mobile, you can tap Scan a Ticket to scan the QR code on tickets that are presented, to check people in. Alternatively, you can search for a name or ticket number. If the ticket is valid, you will see a list of all the names associated with that ticket order and you can select the relevant names to check them in.

You are able to see how many people have been checked in, in the app. Total Checked In shows how many people have been checked in across all your checkpoints. Not Checked In shows how many people that ordered tickets have not yet been checked in. Checked in At… shows how many people have been checked in at this particular checkpoint. You are also able to see how many people have been checked in, for each checkpoint, in the Check-In tab in iKnow on your computer.

Once checking in is completed, you can click Close Session at the top right of the page on your mobile.

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