Adding Journey Steps

To add Journey Steps and set up your discipleship journey, go to Settings and click Journey

You will see a list of Journey Steps already in the system.

If you are in the Administrator Role, you will see 2 sections, one for Global Journey Steps and one for Local Journey Steps. If you are in any other Role, you will only see the Local Journey Steps.

There are 2 Global Journey Steps that cannot be deleted but can be renamed. These Journey Steps will be marked as completed automatically when someone is added to a Group or Team.

To rename a Journey Step, click the orange pencil icon alongside it, make your changes and click the Save button.

To delete a Journey Step, simply click on the red dustbin icon next to the name of the relevant Journey Step.

If you are not in the Administrator Role, you will only be able to edit or delete Local Journey Steps.

Please Note

If you have already added some Journey Steps to people’s profiles, deleting the Journey Step will delete the data recorded against it on people's profiles.

To add a new Step click on the blue + Step button, enter the name of the new Step in the modal and click the Save button. The new Step will be added at the bottom of the list.

Each of the Journey Step boxes can be dragged and dropped to change the order they appear in. To change the placement of an item, simply click arrows on the left of the Step and drag it up or down the list.

To mark a Journey Step as complete on a person’s profile, you will need to find them in the People module, click the Edit button and click the Journey tab. Click the thumbs down icon for the Journey Step you wish to complete and select the date it was completed using the date picker. Clicking the red X button below a completed Journey Step will remove the completion date.

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