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As part of our GDPR development, we have rebuilt the way family relationships are handled in iKnow.

So that GDPR permission can be given by the legal parents/carers of children under 13, you will need to add all parent/carer to child relationships.

This can be done manually by going to the Relationship/Address tab on each person's profile or iKnow Church can do this automatically, based on certain criteria.

To build the relationships automatically, go to Settings, click Data Manager and click Start alongside GDPR. Scroll down to the Data Assistance section and click the Build Family Relationships button.

There are four options that you can choose from to set the family relationships.

  • Set all adults in a household as guardians of all children in that household, only where that household has two adults or fewer (excludes 'Excluded Guardians').
  • Set all adults in a household as parents of all children in that household.
  • Set all adults in a household as parents of all children in that household, only where that household has two adults or fewer.
  • Set all relationships to ‘Unknown’ (relationships can then be set manually).

As part of the rebuild of the Family/Relationship section of iKnow, the first option has been applied to all households. This means that children under 13 will have a guardian who can grant or decline consent for their data to be stored.

To select one of the options, simply click the radio button next to the relevant option and click the Build button. Once the process has completed, you will see a message telling you how many relationships have been built.

To see people’s relationships, go to People, find the person whose relationship you want to check and click the Relationships/Address tab. Here you will see all the adults and all the children in the household and how they are related. If the relationships haven’t been set up, you will see a message saying No relationships set up.

You can set up relationships by clicking the Edit button on a person’s profile, and clicking the Relationship/Address tab.

To set up a new relationship, you will need to click the Add Relationship button, you will then be able to select which type of relationship you want to set up. There are five types of relationship you can choose from.

  1. This person is the partner of another person
  2. This person is the parent/carer of another person
  3. This person is the guardian to another person
  4. Another person is the parent/carer of this person
  5. Another person is the guardian to this person

Select the type of relationship you wish to create from the dropdown list then, in the search box below, start typing the name of the other person in the relationship. When the list of names appears below, click the relevant name. You will see their image appear on the right, click the Add button to create the relationship, or Cancel to start again.


When the relationship is added, the person’s image will appear in a box below, showing the nature of their relationship. If a relationship needs to be removed, you can click the red ‘x’ on the person’s image, in this box.


Once all relationships have been added, you can click the ‘x’, at the top right of the window, to close it and return to the person’s profile.

In the Relationship/Address tab, the different relationships will be signified by different colour lines between the people in the relationships. A parent/carer relationship is shown by a red line, a guardian relationship is shown by a blue line and a partner relationship is shown by a green line. You can see a reminder of which colour applies to which relationship by hovering over the Key button.

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