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Within iKnow Church there is an area just for those responsible for Data Protection called GDPR. Those responsible may be one or more people within the church.

Some churches might have a Data Protection Officer however this is an official title and most would not have an official Data Protection Officer role.

To access the GDPR section go to Settings and click Data Manager. Then click Start, alongside GDPR.

If you do not have access to this then you need to ask someone who has access to these settings. By default, anyone who has been set as a church leader will be able to access the GDPR tools. If you have any problems with this, then please contact iKnow Church support.

Now that you are in the GDPR section you will have access to manage GDPR for your church. If you want to add further people to manage GDPR then you can do this by clicking on the Data Protection Leads button and adding additional people, you can also remove access here. Please note that anyone added to this section will be able to access all elements of GDPR including downloading a Right of Access request.

You will also need to make sure that those responsible for Data Protection have the right access within the People module. To do this we go to Settings and click on Admin Groups where there is an Admin Group called Data Protection Lead. This term is dictionarised so it may be called something else. There is also a section called Data Protection.

Within Admin Groups we can define what someone who is listed as responsible for Data Protection can see within People. We can also decide which other Admin Groups will be able to see Data Protection information.

There is a section in a person's profile called Data Protection which will show if a person has given permission.

Only people in an admin group that allows for Data Protection will be able to see it. This should include those responsible for Data Protection but you might also want others to view this information on a person's profile, such as the ‘Church Staff’, by ensuring there is a tick for Data Protection for those in the ‘Church Staff’ admin group.

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