Setup Podcasts

iKnow allows you to upload audio files which can be automatically shared to your iTunes podcast stream.

Audio files are uploaded using the Media module, which you can access by clicking the icon on the dashboard or selecting it from the dropdown menu.

Before you can add audio files, you need to create a New Stream and then add a New Series. To add a stream, click New Stream in the drop down menu on the left hand side. The details added in this section will be used in your iTunes podcast stream and you will need to complete all of the fields, apart from the Keywords field. When you have completed all the details, click the Save & Exit button and the stream will be added to the drop down menu. If you need to make any changes to the stream details, after saving, you can click the Settings button.

You are able to add a New Series by clicking the New Series button. Give the series a name, add a description and, if you like, add a series image. Complete the process by clicking the Save & Exit button. You will see the series listed below the stream name. If you need to edit the series details, click the Options button next to the series name.

Please Note


Series images need to be at least 1400px square and no more than 3000px square.

Once your stream and series have been created, you can add audio files to your series by clicking the Media button alongside the series name. To upload your media file, you will need to add a Title, at least one Speaker, a Date, Duration and the Long Description. If any of these fields are not completed, you will not be able to save your audio file to the system.

Please Note


When adding a Speaker, the speaker needs to be in the People module in iKnow. They could be added as Outer Church or Commercial which will mean you won’t be charged for them.
When adding the duration, you will need to enter figures for hours, minutes and seconds.

To upload your audio file, click Choose File. This will take you to your computer hard drive where you can locate and select your audio file. When the file has successfully uploaded, you will see the filename and size above the Choose File button. Click the Save & Exit button to complete the process.


To see a list of the audio files added to a series, click the name of the series listed under the stream name. The files will be listed on the right. If you want to make any changes to the description, or change the file itself, click the spanner icon to the right of the file name. To delete a file from a series, click the red bin icon.

To add your files to your iTunes podcast stream, you will need to have an iTunes account already set up. You will need to log in to iTunes and click the ‘Submit Podcast’ link within the iTunes app. You will need to add the URL for your feed, as part of the iTunes process. You can obtain the feed URL from iKnow by clicking the Settings button. The iTunes Podcast URL is at the bottom of the Stream Editor window. Copy and paste this URL into the form in iTunes to create the link between iKnow and iTunes. Once the link is created, each time you add a new audio file to one of your series, it will automatically be uploaded to your iTunes podcast feed.

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