Contacting People

iKnow makes it easy for you to contact different groups of people from your database using the iKnow Communication Suite.

In the Communication Suite, you can choose to contact people by email, SMS, or by letter.   You are also able to export the contact details of people in your iKnow database to a CSV file.  On the right of the Communication Suite, simply click the option you wish to use.

Selecting Simple Email will allow you to create an email and add an attachment, which can be sent out to your contact group.

You are able to personalise your Emails by using the Tags button, which we have introduced at the top of the Communication Suite.  You can choose any of the tags, in the list, and the system will then replace the tag with the relevant information. So, if you want to address each person by name, you can add the {firstName} tag.  When people receive the email the tag will be replaced with their first name. If you include the {setPasswordLink} tag, recipients will receive a unique link that will allow them to create a new password which they can use to log in to iKnow.

Selecting Simple SMS will allow you to send a text message to the group.  There is a charge for sending SMS, but you will see a notification of how much you are going to be charged just below the message area.

To communicate by letter, you will need to use the Letter option.  This will create a PDF file that can be printed and posted. If you want to personalise your letters, you are able to add Tags, in the same way as you can with emails.

Letters can be used in conjunction with the Branding feature in iKnow, which will allow you to add Letterhead graphics and footers to your letters.  You’re also able to use Branding with your emails.

In all of the communication options, you can remove people from the contact list by clicking the red ‘x’ next to their name.

There are a number of ways to access the Communication Suite in iKnow.

In the People module, select any of the Quick Groups, Circles, Teams, Groups or Searches on the left hand side.  At the top of the list you will see an orange, Contact This Group button, clicking it will take you to the Communication Suite.

In the Teams module, if you have access to Send Message in a team you are a member of, you can go to Teams, click on your team, click Manage Membership and click the Contact Your Team button.

In the Groups module, if you go to a Group of which you are the leader, or that is in a network of which you are the overseer, you can click the Contact Your Group at the top of the My Group page, or on the View People page.

In the Check In module, if you are a Class Supervisor, or a Global Supervisor, and have been given permission to Contact Guardians, you can access the Communication Suite from your class, or classes.  Simply click the Class and click the Contact Parent and Guardians button.

If people have opted out of being contacted by any of the contact methods in the Communication Suite, they will not appear in the list of contacts for that form of contact.


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