Changing Permissions

iKnow allows you to control the areas to which each user will have access, when they log in.

To give a user access to a particular module, or modules, you will first need to add them to a Role.

To add a person to a Role, click on People and search for the person in the search bar. Click on their name in the list and click the Edit button at the top right.

On the Edit Person screen, just below the image, you will see the Role section.  Click the orange pencil icon, select the relevant Role in the dropdown list and click the Save button.  The person will then have access to all the modules and the Admin Group that are defined in the Role.

You may wish to give someone access to an App that is not included in the Role they have been allocated to. They may need temporary access to the People module, to make some updates to profiles, for example

To give access to a specific module,  click the Apps tab at the top of the page. Next, click the name of the app in the list on the left, for example People, and then click Grant Access.  To remove someone’s access to a module, click Withdraw Access.

This will give access to the module in addition to any access that has been given through the Role.

When access to a module is granted, or withdrawn, the icon for that module will appear in, or disappear from, the Dashboard and dropdown list.

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