Unassigned Transactions


Donations that have not been assigned to a Giving ID will appear under the Unassigned Transactions tab in the Transactions area of the Finance Module.

Unassigned Transactions can be generated from a Giving Page, where someone who doesn’t have a Donor Profile has donated.  They can also come from a Debit or Credit Card donation that has been processed, through the Finance module, without a Giving ID.

You can assign an Unassigned Transaction to a Giving ID by clicking the Add Person button to the right of the transaction.

If the person who has made the donation has a Giving ID, you can search for them in the search bar and click their name in the list.

If they don’t have a Giving ID, you can click the ‘+’ button to the right of the search bar.  This will allow you to create a new Donor Profile for the donor which the donation will then be applied to.

Once the donation has been applied to a Giving ID it will be removed from the Unassigned Transactions.

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