On the Transactions page, you can see a list of all the donations that have been made to your church.

You’re able to filter the list using the different options at the top of the list.  If you want to find donations by a certain person, you can enter their name or Giving ID.  You can find all transactions between certain dates using the Date From and Date To fields.  If you want to see all the donations to a specific Legal Entity, you can select from the Legal Entity drop down, or all donations to a certain Campaign using the Campaigns drop down.

Clicking the Settings button will allow you to choose which information will be included in the Transaction list by switching the various toggles on or off.  This will affect what is shown on screen and also what is included in any downloads of the transaction list.  You can download the transaction list by clicking the Download button.  You can choose to download the list to a PDF or a CSV file.

Any of the transactions can be edited by clicking the orange pencil icon to the right of the transaction.  When editing a transaction you can change the Campaign the transaction is assigned to, add notes and change the ‘Is Giftaidable?’ toggle.

You are not able to change the ‘Is Giftaidable?’ toggle for a transaction where the Gift Aid is showing as Pending Claim.  If you change the toggle for a transaction that has a yellow tick,  the transaction will then not be added to any Gift Aid claims.  If the toggle is changed for a transaction where the Gift Aid has already been claimed, an adjustment will be added to your next claim for the amount that was incorrectly claimed.

You are also able to add new donations, on the Transactions page, using the Record Donation or Process Donation buttons.

The Record Donation button is used for donations made by cash or cheque, for example, where you will have to deposit the funds to your bank account.  To add a donation this way, you will need to enter the name or Giving ID of the Donor, in the search box and click their name in the list that appears.  You’ll then need to add the amount donated, the source, which Campaign this should be applied to, whether Gift Aid should be claimed on it and any notes you want to add.  You can then click the Save button and the donation will be added to the system.

The Process Donation is used for donations made by credit or debit cards, or by direct payment to your account.

Once you’ve clicked Process Donation, you will need to select a Campaign for the donation to be applied to and then select the payment method.  You’ll then need to enter the amount that is being donated and choose whether the transaction fees will be covered by the Donor or if they will be deducted from the donation amount.  You’ll then need to add a Giving ID, if you have one, and the donor’s name and address details.  You can then choose whether the donation is Giftaidable and add any notes.  Once this is completed, click Continue at the bottom of the form.

If you have chosen a Debit or Credit card donation, you will need to enter the address that the card is registered to.  If this is the same as the Donor’s address, you can click the Copy Donor Address link.  You will also need to enter the name that is displayed on the card, an email address and the card details.  Once these details have been entered you can click the Submit button and the donation will be processed.  While the donation is being processed, you will be able to see it in the Processing Transactions tab.  Once processing is complete, it will be moved to the Transactions or Failed Transactions tab.

If you have chosen the Direct Debit option, you will need to complete the details of the donor and the amount being donated, as with Card donations, and then click Continue.  You will then need to add a Billing Address.  If this is the same as the Donor’s address you can click the Copy Donor Address Link.  Then you will need to add the Donor’s bank details and finally tick the box to confirm you understand the terms.  You can then click the Submit button to set up the payment.

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