Viewing, Editing & Archiving Campaigns


You can view any of your Campaigns by going to Campaigns in the Finance module.  You will see all your active Campaigns listed and, by clicking the Archived Campaigns tab, you will see any Campaigns you’ve archived.

To see the details of any campaign, you will need to click the eye icon to the right of the Campaign you want to view.

In the Campaign view, you will see the date range and how the donations received compare to your campaign target, if they were set.  If no target was set, the Campaign Stats bar will show the total given to this Campaign so far.

The Historical Donations shows how much has been given for each year the Campaign has been running.

Donation Stats gives you details of the giving to the Campaign, including how much Gift Aid has been claimed.  Top Donors will list the 5 people that have given the most to this Campaign.

The Campaign Over Time graph allows you to see how giving has been going since the Campaign was started.  Hovering over any point on the graph will allow you to see more information.

Finally, the Campaign Donors list will show everyone who has donated to the Campaign, along with the amount and the date donated.  Clicking the eye icon will take you to the Donor Profile of that Donor.

You can edit a Campaign by clicking the orange pencil icon to the right of the Campaign.  This will allow you to change any of the details for the Campaign.  Once you have made your changes, click the Save button to update the Campaign.

If a Campaign is no longer needed, and you don’t want any further donations assigned to it, you can archive the Campaign.  To do this click the red Archive button to the right of the Campaign.  This will move the Campaign from the Active Campaigns tab to the Archived Campaigns tab.  You will still be able to view all the details of the Archived Campaign, but you will not be able to make any changes to it or assign any more donations to it.

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