Import Bank Statements


You are able to download bank statements, from your bank, as a CSV file and iKnow will allow you to import the CSV file to the system.  This means that donations that have been paid directly to your bank account can also be recorded in iKnow.

To import a Bank Statement, you will need to go to Transactions and click the Import Bank Statements tab.  This will show a list of any previous imports, which you can view by clicking the eye icon to the right of the import.

To import a new statement, you will need to click the + Statement button.

You will need to enter an Import Reference then click the Upload button and select the CSV file from your hard drive.  You can then click the Import button.

On the next screen you will need to let iKnow know which columns from your statement need to be imported.  iKnow only needs the date, reference and amount so use the drop downs at the top of the relevant columns to make your selections.  Once you have selected the relevant columns, click the Assign Data button.

iKnow will ask you to confirm the Date Format.  Different banks will format the dates in different ways on their statements.  You will need to select the format that matches your bank statement in the drop down and click Assign.

On the Assign Transactions page, you will see all the transactions that have been imported.  Any transactions that are greyed out didn’t match the column types or the date format that you selected, so won’t be imported to iKnow.

If you see any transactions that have been included, but shouldn’t be, you can untick the tick box on the left of the transaction to stop it being imported.

For each transaction, you will need to select a Source and a Campaign from the relevant drop down lists.  You will also need to assign a Giving ID.  If you type the name of the Donor in the search box, you will see a list of matches appear and you can select the correct Donor by clicking them in the list.  If Automatic Gift Aid has been selected on the Donor’s profile, the Is Gift Aidable toggle will be switched on automatically, for you.  This can still be switched manually, if needed.

You should only need to make these selections the first time you import a statement.  For subsequent statements, iKnow will recognise the Donors, so the Giving ID and the Campaign will be completed automatically.

Once the details are completed, you can click the Import Selected button and the donations will be added to iKnow.

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