Giving Statements


You are able to produce Giving Statements in the Donors section of the Finance Module by clicking the Giving Statements tab.

First you’ll need to choose the date range for the Giving Statements you wish to produce.  This will often be an annual statement, but you can produce a Giving Statement for any period you need.

You will then need to choose whether the statements will be produced for the giving to your different Legal Entities, your different Churches or for the giving by specific Donors.

If you select Legal Entities or Churches, you will then be able to choose which Legal Entities or Churches should be included when the Statements are produced.  If you select Donors, you will be able to select which Donor, or Donors, should be included.

You can then choose Aggregate Data by switching on the Aggregate Data toggle.  If this is switched on, the statement will show the total amount a Donor has given to each Campaign, rather than showing each individual donation.  If you need to show each donation, you will need to keep the Aggregate Data toggle switched off.

Finally, you can click the Generate Statements button and the Giving Statements will become available in the Downloads section.  The statements can then be downloaded to your computer and printed or be sent out by email.

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