Gift Aid - Removing a Transaction


You are able to remove a donation from your Gift Aid claim if you need to.

To remove a donation from a claim, you will need to go to the Transactions section, search for the Donor, using their Name or Giving ID and locate the relevant donation.  Once you have located it, click the orange pencil to the right of the transaction and switch the Is Giftaidable toggle to off.  You’ll then need to click the Save button.

Alternatively, you can go to the Donors section and follow the same process as described for the Transactions section.

If the donation is listed as Pending Claim, you won’t be able to change the Is Giftaidable toggle

If the donation is on a claim that is already submitted, you will need to ensure that you switch on the toggle to include any repayments due to HMRC on your next claim.  The amount claimed for the donation you are removing from the locked claim will then be deducted from the new claim.

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