Gift Aid - Creating a Claim


You are able to use iKnow to claim Gift Aid from HMRC.

To create a new claim, you will need to go to Gift Aid in the Finance Module.

The Gift Aid page has 2 tabs, Active Claims and Closed Claims.  Active Claims shows any Gift Aid claims that are currently open and have not been submitted to HMRC.  Closed Claims shows any Gift Aid claims that have been submitted to HMRC.

To create a new claim, you will need to click the + Claim button.

You will need to select which Legal Entity the claim is for and enter the date range you wish the claim to cover.  You can also choose to include any repayments due to HMRC by switching the toggle on.  This will mean that any donations that have had Gift Aid claimed for them, that shouldn’t have been claimed, will be deducted from the claim.  We have another video that goes through removing transactions from a Gift Aid claim.

You will then need to click the Create Claim button to create a new Gift Aid claim.

Once you have created a claim, it will appear in the Active Claims and any Gift Aid on transactions within the date range you entered will be added automatically.

To refresh the claim, which will make sure that any new donations that have been added since the claim was created are added, you can click the blue refresh button.

If you want to see a list of all the donations on the claim, you will need to click the blue Download button.  You can choose to export to a PDF or a CSV file and the download will appear in the Downloads section.  This can be used to check that the claim has all the necessary information included so that it isn’t rejected by HMRC.  For each donation you will need to ensure that the first name includes at least an initial.  That the surname is included and that the address includes at least a house number and the correct postcode.  If any of these are incorrect, you will need to update the Donor profile before submitting the claim to HMRC.

To submit the claim, you will need to click the orange lock button and confirm that you are ready to lock the claim.  Once the claim is locked, you won’t be able to make any changes to it.  When you have locked the claim, the orange lock button will change to a green tick button, which you will need to click to submit the claim.

When you click the button, you will see a window confirming the details of the Legal Entity the claim is for and the details of the claim.  You should check that these are accurate before submitting the claim.  At the bottom of the window, you can enter your HMRC username and password.  Make sure you don’t enter your iKnow login details here as the claim will be rejected if you do.

Once you have entered your HMRC details, you can click the Submit Claim button and it will be sent to HMRC.

When a claim is submitted, you will see a new Gift Aid Distribution button on the Active Claims page.  Clicking this will let you see how much Gift Aid has been claimed for your different campaigns.

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