Adding Campaigns


Sometimes donations are for a specific purpose, such as a building fund or a missions fund.  iKnow allows you to track these donations using Campaigns.  Campaigns can be created with a specific target amount and specific timescale, if needed.

To add a new Campaign in the Finance module, go to Campaigns and click the + Campaign button.

Your campaigns need to be attached to a Legal Entity.  If you have more than one Legal Entity, you will be able to choose the correct one from the drop down.

You will then need to give the Campaign a name, which will appear when donations are being added.

You’ll need to add a Campaign Code, which can be anything you like.  This won’t be displayed anywhere, it is only used internally.

If there is a specific timescale for your campaign, you can add a start and end date.  These can be left blank if there is no timescale for the campaign.

You can add your Campaign to a Campaign Group.  If you have already created Campaign Groups, you will be able to choose from the drop down, or you can create new Groups by clicking the ‘+’ button.  You’ll then just need to give the Group a name and click the Save button.

You can also assign a Campaign Type to your Campaign.  As with the Groups, you can choose from the drop down, if you have already created some Types, or you can add a new one using the ‘+’ button.

If you are aiming to raise a specific amount of money in this Campaign, you can set a Target, but this can be left blank if you don’t have a particular amount you are trying to raise.

Finally, if you want to be able to use this Campaign with a Giving Page, you will need to switch the Public toggle on.  If you don’t switch the toggle on, you will still be able to assign donations to the Campaign from the Finance module, but the public won’t be able to give directly to it through your Giving Pages.

Once you have entered all the relevant information, click the Save button to add your Campaign.

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