Add a Donor


You can add a Donor to the system by going to Donors and clicking the + Donor button.  Donors can also be added by going to Transactions, clicking Unassigned Transactions, clicking the Add Person button and clicking the ‘+’ button to the right of Assign To.  The process of adding a Donor is the same in both places.

Once you have clicked the + Donor button, you will see a search bar at the top of the Add New Donor form.  We recommend that you add Donors to the People module first, you can then search for them in the Add New Donor form, their details will be pulled across and their People profile will be linked to their Donor profile.

You can add people as a Donor without adding them to People first, you’ll just need to complete their details without using the search bar.

Enter the name of the new Donor into the search bar and you will see a list of matches appear.  You can then click the name of the person you wish to add.  Anyone who already has a Donor profile will be greyed out.  When you click the name, any details that have been added in their People profile will be entered automatically for you.

If you have more than one Legal Entity, you will need to select which one is the primary Legal Entity for this person.

Each person needs a unique Giving ID.  If you already use some form of Giving ID, you can continue to use them in iKnow, you’ll just need to enter the ID in the Giving ID field.

If you have selected a person using the search bar, all the address details and the Date of Birth will have been filled in, if they were recorded in People.  Otherwise, you’ll need to complete, at least, the first line of the address, the postcode and the country.

You can also indicate whether all donations are eligible for Gift Aid by switching the Automatic Gift Aid toggle.  If you don’t switch the toggle on, you can still claim Gift Aid on individual transactions.

Once you’ve completed the details, you can click the Save button and the Donor will be added.

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