Activity Log


The Activity Log is accessed by going to Settings, in the Finance Module, and clicking the Activity Log tab.

The Activity Log lists any actions that are taken in the Finance Module and records the date and time the action was taken, and by whom.

You’re able to filter the Activity Log by searching for a specific person in the search bar and clicking the Search button.  This will show all the activities that person has carried out.

You can filter the list by specific actions by choosing from the Select Action drop down and clicking the Search button.  This will list each time a specific action has been performed.

You can also search for activities that have taken place between certain dates using the Date From and Date To fields and clicking the Search button.

You can also use any combination of these filters, so if you wanted to know every time a Donor was added in the month of February, you would select Donor Added from the Select Action drop down, add 1st February in the Date From box and 28th February in the Date To box, followed by the Search button. 

If you would like to see more information about a particular activity, you can click the eye icon to the right of the activity.

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