Embedded Giving Pages


You are able to create Giving Pages that can be embedded into your website or that you can provide a link to so that people can donate to your church using their card, or by direct debit.

To create a Giving Page, click the + Giving Page button.

You will need to give the Giving Page a name and then select which of your Legal Entities it will be attached to.  Any Donations will be paid into the account that has been set up for this Legal Entity.

You can then choose a specific Campaign for donations from this page to be assigned to or, if you would like people to be able to choose a Campaign, you can select All Available Campaigns.

You can then choose whether this should be the Default Giving Page, whether you want people to be able to add notes with their donations and whether you want the page to be live or not.  If the page is not Live it cannot be used.  Once you have completed all the details, you can click the Save button.

To edit the details of a Giving Page, click the orange pencil icon to the right of the page.

To see a preview of the Giving Page, click the eye icon.

To obtain the link to the Giving Page, or the embed code for the page, you will need to click the embed button.  You can copy the link by clicking the Link button, this can then be added to your website, to your email signature, and so on.

The embed code can be added to the HTML of a page on your website so that the Giving Page is displayed on your site and can be completed by visitors.

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