There are a number of notification emails that can be sent out from the iKnow Finance module. By going to the Finance module, clicking Settings and then Emails, you are able to customise the content of the emails and switch off emails that are not mandatory.

To switch off a notification email, you simply need to switch off the toggle to the right of the email notification. You are not able to switch off the notifications for when a Recurring Donation is made or when a transaction fails.

To see the content of the current notification email, you can click the blue view button to the right of the notification.

To customise the notification, you can click the orange edit button to the right of the notification. This allows you to change the Title of the notification, you can change the Branding template used for the notification, so that it has your own header and footer added, and you can change the content of the notification.

There are some new Tags that have been added, specifically for the Finance module. These are {transactionValue}, which will show the amount of the transaction the notification refers to; {transactionDate}, which will show the date that the transaction that is being notified took place; and {paymentMethod}, which will show the method of payment being used for the transaction.

You are also able to style the email using the tools, in the toolbar, at the top of the editor.

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