In Donors you are able to see a list of all the people that have made a donation to your church.

The list includes each person’s Giving ID, their name, whether Automatic Gift Aid is switched on and the amount and date of their last donation.

You can filter the list using the options at the top of the page.

If you know a person’s Giving ID, you can enter it, click Search, and find that person.

If you don’t know the Giving ID, you can search by name.

You are able to find people who have given more than a specified amount, or less than a specified amount.

You can find people who have given to a specific Campaign and you can find people in a certain postcode area, or at a specific postcode.

You are also able to combine any of the filters, so you can search for people who have given more than a certain amount and that live in a specific postcode area.

Clicking the refresh button will clear the filters.

You can use the Download button to create a PDF or CSV download of the list of Donor’s.  When you click the button, you will have the option to choose which information you want to include in the download.

The Download will be generated and can then be found in the Downloads section.

You can add a new Donor to the system by clicking the + Donor button.  This is covered in a separate video.

You are also able to view a Donor’s profile, by clicking the eye icon to the right of their details.  This is also covered in a separate video.

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