Plans and Attachments

You are able to add a Plan to any event that you add to the Calendar. This can be used for meetings, such as an AGM or PCC meeting, which has a set agenda, or for services and events where you may want to add an event run sheet for those taking part.

You are able to add a unique Plan to your event, or you are able to create Plan Templates, which can be applied to an event and modified as necessary.

To create an Plan Template, click Templates in the grey bar at the top of the Calendar.

First give your Template a name, this is how you will identify it when you come to use it with your events.

Under Type you can set the Template to be Public or Private. Templates that have been set as Public will be available for anyone who has access to add events, to use. Templates set as Private will only be available to you.

Under Organise Plan by, you can choose how you want to organise the different Items on your plan. If you choose to organise by Length, you will be able to set how long has been allocated for each item. If you choose to organise by Time, you will be able to choose the time that each item should begin.

You can then create your Plan by adding Sections and Items. Sections are a way of creating a header within the Plan that related Items can be listed under. For example, you may have a ‘Maintenance’ section that contains items relating to your new church roof, broken fence panels in the car park, and so on.

To add a Section, click the Section button and you will see a text box appear. Add the name of your Section in the text box. You can then add Items below the Section, by clicking the Item button. You will then be able to add a duration or time for that item, depending on how you have chosen to organise your Agenda, add a title for the Item and add any notes that relate to it. To add another Item click the Item button again and, to add another Section, click the Section button again.

Once your Plan Template is complete, click the Save button and your Template will then be available to use.

To edit a Plan Template, click the Edit Template tab and select the Template you wish to edit, from the dropdown. You can then make any changes you need and click Save. If you wish to delete the template, click the Delete Template button.

To add a Plan to your event, go to the Calendar and click the event the Plan is to be applied to, you can then click the pencil on the right hand side. Next, click the Plan tab, at the top of the page.

You can add people to specific roles that may need to be filled for this event, such as Chair, Minute Taker, Leader, Speaker, etc. Under Event Roles, search for the person, in the Person text box and select the correct person from the options that appear. Enter the name of the role they will be fulfilling in the Role text box, and click the Plus button, you can then add any subsequent people to roles. If you need to remove anyone from a role, simply click the bin icon .

To use a Template that you’ve already saved, select the relevant template from the dropdown menu. Once selected, you will see all the Sections and Items appear below, in the Create Plan section. You can then adjust or add any details, to the Plan.

You are also able to assign people to be responsible for different items on the Plan, for example, the person who is going to open the meeting, by clicking the Add Person link to the right of that Item. To remove a person from a Plan Item, click on the image of them, that has appeared next to the Item.

You are also able to attach files to the event, that may be useful for those that have been given roles in the meeting, or those that have been invited. To add attachments, click the Attachments tab at the top of the page, click the File button and select the file that you want to attach. People that have been invited to the event will be able to click on the file names to download and view the files.

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