My To Do's

Within iKnow, there is a system for tasks and jobs to be assigned to a church’s wider team. Everyone who has access to iKnow will have their own To Do list. You can access this by clicking on My To Dos from the Dashboard.

Once you’ve clicked here, you’ll be taken to a page that will look similar to the one below.

Any outstanding tasks, in your To Do's, will be listed under My Outstanding To Dos and any completed tasks will be under My Completed To Dos. You can access information for the person, including contact details, by clicking on their name in Blue.  You'll also be able to see what the task is.


From here you are able to contact the person, through the iKnow Communication Suite, by clicking the Contact button. You can add a note to the step by clicking the Add Note button. You can also mark this step of the task completed by clicking the Complete button. Clicking Complete will trigger the next step in this task, if there is one. If there is a delay on the next stage, the countdown will now begin.

When you’re assigned a Task, you’ll also receive an email with instructions on what you’ll need to do as well as a link to My To Dos on your Dashboard.

The Church Administrator and System Administrator will have oversight on all of the tasks that have been assigned out, so if you need any assistance with these, you can get in touch with them. They’ll also be able to see how long a Task has been waiting for completion and where it is in its journey.

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