Reading Metrics

To access the Metrics module, select the icon at the top of the dashboard, or from the dropdown menu.

When you first access Metrics, you will be taken to the Church Summary page which gives an overview of the metrics for your church.

The five boxes at the top of the page give you data regarding the number of people connected with your church across all your campuses.

Church People shows the number of people that are set to Contact Type, Church.

People in Groups shows how many people are members of a group in any of your campuses.

People in Teams shows how many people are members of a team in any of your campuses.

For both Groups and Teams, if someone is a member of more than one team or group, they will only be counted once.

People @ Church shows the total attendance at your most recent Sunday services in all of your campuses, excluding Visitors. These figures are taken from the Abacus.

Visitors @ Church show the total number of visitors to your most recent Sunday services in all of your campuses. These figures are also taken from the Abacus.

The Our Churches table, breaks down the figures in the boxes into your individual campuses.

The two graphs, at the bottom of the page, give you a graphical view of the number of people in your campuses and your attendance figures.

Clicking Event Metrics, at the top of the page, will allow you to closely examine figures for a particular event or service by using the dropdown menus to select a category and an event.

This will bring up a matrix based on the information which has been gathered through the Abacus module. You will be able to see the total and average figures for the most recent service, as well as over the last month, three months, six months or one year. The matrix is colour coded depending on the category type.

Using the ‘click for date figures’ box, you can select any recent date to bring up the last twelve weeks’ worth of information for each of those categories.

Clicking Attendance allows you to generate attendance reports for events within a particular week. By default, you will have access to figures for the most recent Sunday events and for all of your campuses.

If you wish to see figures for a specific Campus only, select the relevant campus from the drop down labelled All Campuses.

If you wish to see figures for midweek services, as well as your Sunday services, tick the Include other events from the previous 7 days check box. If you change any of these options, you will need to click the Generate button to see the new figures.

You can download a PDF report, by clicking the Download PDF button, which can be emailed or printed.

The figures shown in the Attendance report come from the Abacus.

Clicking Journey, at the top of the page, allows you to see the number of Journey Items completed in the previous 6 weeks, as well as a comparison between the current month this year and last year. You can also see the number of Journey Items completed for the Year to Date this year and the Year to Date, last year.

Below the Recent journey items reached table, you will see the Year on Year changes table, which shows a comparison for the last 5 years.

Clicking the Group tab shows a three year comparison of the number of people attending Groups. You will also be able to see Group attendance broken down by age and gender.

Finally, clicking PDF Reports allows you to create 3 different reports, each of which can be printed or emailed.

The Groups: Overview report gives attendance figures for all of your Groups from the time you started recording data to the current date. If you tick the Include Individual’s Info check box, the names of those attending Groups will be included in the report.

The Groups: 3 Month Attendance report will give attendance figures for the 3 months up to the date you select. You can also choose to specify the Campus, Group Network, or both.

The Event Rota report allows you to see all the rotas for a particular service in a particular campus. This allows you to see all the people who will be serving at any service for which rotas have been created.

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