Form Sections


To build your form, you will need to add Sections, your form fields will then be added to the Sections.

To add your first Section click the ‘Add Section’ button.

Each Section will need a name, for example, you may have a section called ‘Personal Information’ that includes fields for ‘Name’, ‘Age’, ‘Gender’ and so on.  If you want the section to appear on the form, you will need to set the ‘Live’ toggle to green.

The ‘Advanced’ tab allows you to set some more advanced options for the section.

If you select ‘Optional’ you are able to decide whether all the fields in the section will be shown, depending on the answer given in the first field.  You may want to know if someone is married, for example, and if they are, what their spouses name is and when they got married. However, if they’re not married, they don’t need to see these questions as they’re irrelevant.

‘Optional’ allows you to add the first question, ‘Are you Married?’, along with the 2 answers, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.  When you click the ‘Save’ button, you will be able to enter the other questions. When someone completes the form, they will only see the additional questions if they answer ‘Yes’ to ‘Are you Married?’.

If you select ‘Repeating’ you can allow people to answer the same question, multiple times, with different details.  For example, if you wanted someone to add the names of their children, you can use the ‘Repeating’ option. When a person completes the form they will see the question you enter here, ie ‘How many children do you have?’.  They will then be able to select an option from the dropdown menu, up to the maximum number you set. They will then be given the relevant number of fields to complete their children’s names.

Once you have completed a Section, click the ‘Save’ button and it will be added to the form under ‘Sections’.  If you want to make any changes to a ‘Section’, click the orange pencil icon, or click the dustbin icon to remove a section completely.

To add fields to your Section, click the ‘Add Question’ button.  There are two types of Question you are able to add. If you add an ‘iKnow Question’ you will be able to map the field to a field in iKnow, allowing the data added to be added to an iKnow profile.  Adding a ‘New Question’ will not allow you to add the data directly to iKnow.

Selecting ‘Add New Question’ will open a window where you can enter the question and set the parameters for the field.

‘Question Name’ will be the information you wish to collect, for example ‘Name’ or ‘Job Title’.

‘Type’ allows you to choose how people will answer this question.  For example, ‘Text’ and ‘Multiline’ will allow the person completing the form to type an answer.  ‘Checkbox’ allows the user to choose one, or more, predefined answers which you have added. ‘Select’ will give the respondent a dropdown menu from which they can select their answer.  Some of the options, such as ‘Attendance’, ‘Title’ or ‘Employment’, will create a dropdown menu that reflects the options that are available in your iKnow.

If you want the question to appear on the form, you will need to set ‘Live’ to green.

If the ‘Required?’ toggle is set to green, users won’t be able to submit the form without completing the question.

If you want to give the user further information about how to use the question, you can add this in the ‘Help Text’.

You are also able to add a link to a web page that gives more information by entering the web address in the ‘Website Link’ box.

If you choose to add an ‘iKnow Question’, you will be able to choose from the fields that appear on people’s profiles in iKnow.  This includes any Custom Fields you have added.

To add one of the fields to your form, click the plus button alongside the field.

If the person completing the form is logged into iKnow, the form will be prefilled with any data that is already in iKnow that relates to the form, for example, their name, address, etc.  If you want to clear this data and add different information, you can click the ‘Clear Prefilled Data’ button.

If the person completing the form isn’t already in iKnow, and you have used iKnow Questions, they will be added to ‘Pending Adults’ or ‘Pending Children’, in iKnow.

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