Form Actions


The Actions section allows you to decide what will happen when your form is completed.

If you would like anyone to be notified that the form has been completed, you will need to click the Add Recipients button. You can then search for anyone who is in your iKnow database. Once you have added all your recipients, click the Save button. To remove any recipients, click the red dustbin icon next to their details.

If people completing the form are going to be added to your iKnow database, or if the form completion is going to trigger a Process, you will need to select the relevant campus from the dropdown menu under Select Campus.  If you don’t select a campus, you won’t be able to set a Process to be triggered, and details from iKnow Questions can’t be mapped to your iKnow.

If a campus has been selected, two additional sections will be available, Add to People and Start Process.

Add to People will allow you to map Questions to the iKnow fields you would like them to populate when the form is submitted. To map the fields, click the orange pencil icon and, in the modal that opens, click the arrow next to the section you wish to map, to expand it. You will then see the questions from that section and will be able to select which field each is mapped to from the dropdown menu.

If an earlier question has been mapped to an iKnow field, you are able to use the Inherit Questions option. So, for example, if you have asked for an address, from the person completing the form, and then asked for details of their children, you can inherit the address so that it is attached to the children's details.

Start Process will allow you to choose which Process you would like to be triggered when the form is submitted.

The On Completion section allows you to decide what will happen when someone submits the form. If you would like to display a message, enter the message in the On Completion Message text box, and select the option to Display a Message.

If you want a new form to load when a form is submitted, select the Load a new form option.

In the Share Form section, you can choose how you would like people to access the form.

You are able to send people a link to the form, by copying the URL in the Link box.

You can embed the form into a page on your website, by copying the code in the Embed on Website box.

If you would like to give people the opportunity to complete a hard copy of the form, you can click the Download as a PDF button.

Once you have completed your form, click the Save button and your form will be added to the Forms page.

To view responses to your forms, you will need to go to Settings and click Custom Forms. You will see a list of all the forms you have created. To view any responses you will need to click the View button next to the relevant form.

New responses that haven’t been read, will be listed under the New tab. You can see the details that have been completed on each form by clicking the View button alongside the form.

When viewing the form, you are able to use the Contact button to contact people whose details are on the form, through the Communication Suite.

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