Donor Profiles


You can view a Donor Profile by clicking the eye icon to the right of the Donor’s details in the Donors section of the Finance module.

In the Personal Information section you will see the personal details of the Donor, including their name, address, date of birth and Giving ID. You are able to edit any of the details should they need amending.

If the Donor Profile is linked to a profile in People, you will have the option to unlink the Donor Profile from the People profile by clicking the Unlink Person button at the top of the Personal Information. If the Donor Profile is not linked to a profile in People, the button will give you the opportunity to link the Donor Profile to a People profile.

You can also switch the Automatic Gift Aid option on and off at the bottom of the section.

If Automatic Gift Aid is switched on, you can set dates between which Gift Aid can be claimed. So, for example, if someone only wanted you to claim Gift Aid on their giving for the first half of the year, you could set the From Date to 1st January and the Until Date to 1st June. Any donations made after June 1st would not be added to your Gift Aid claims automatically.

On the right hand side you can see some statistics and charts related to the Donor’s giving.

You are able to add Attachments for each donor, in the Attachments section. You may wish to upload a copy of the Donor’s Gift Aid declaration, for example. To do this click the + Attachment button, enter a name for the file and click the Upload button. This will take you to your hard drive where you can locate and select the file, you’ll then need to click the Add button to upload the file.

You can then download the file, if you need a copy of it, using the blue download button, or delete it using the red dustbin button.

You can produce a Giving Statement for the Donor by selecting a Year End date and clicking the Statement button. The downloaded statement will be available in the Downloads section.

The Active Recurring Donations section allows you to see any Recurring Donations that have been set up. You can view more detail by clicking the eye icon and you can cancel a recurring donation by clicking the red dustbin button.

In the Donations section you can see a list of Donations received from this Donor. You can use the Year End drop down menu to see donations from different years.  You can edit some details of the donations using the orange pencil icon to the right of the donation. You can also add a new donation from this Donor using the Record Donation button for cash, cheque and other offline donations, or the Process Donation button for card or direct debit donations.

Finally, you can see the Payment Methods that are being used for any Recurring Donations. Clicking the orange button will allow you to update the payment method that is being used. Clicking the red dustbin button will allow you to remove the payment method, as long as it is not being used for a current Recurring Donation.

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