Events Calendar Integration


You are able to integrate your iKnow Calendar with your church website by embedding it into a page on your site.  This will mean that you can add events to your iKnow calendar and they will appear on your website, so your calendar only needs to be maintained in one location.

To access the calendar integration options, you will need to go to Settings and click Integrations. On the page that is displayed, you will see any calendar embeds that have already been created and also be able to create new embeds. You are able to create multiple embeds for your calendar that can be used in different places on your website.

To create a new calendar embed, click the Add New button.

In the window that appears, you are able to name your calendar embed by entering a name in the Embed Name field.

Next you can decide how you want the calendar to display on your website.

Choosing Whole Calendar Month will generate a grid showing every day of the current month.

Whole Calendar Week will generate columns for each day of the current week.

List of Upcoming Events will generate a list view of all upcoming events.

You are also able to choose which events you would like to display on your calendar.

Selecting All Public Events will display all events that have been set as Public in your iKnow events calendar. All Public Events and Rota Only Events will add events that have been set as Rota Only in the events calendar.

If you would like to show all the events in a certain repeating series, such as all your Youth services, you can select A Certain Series and choose the relevant series from the dropdown menu. Any repeating events you have added to your events calendar will be included in the dropdown menu.

You are also able to select the colours that will be used for series, in your embedded calendar, by clicking the Advanced tab.

You will see all the series that you have added to your calendar and you can select a colour for the series by clicking the coloured square to the right of the series name. When you click the square you will be able to choose from a selection of colours by clicking the colour you would like to use.

If the colour you would like to use isn’t available from the choices you are given, you are able to add the RGB or Hex codes for the colours you would like to use in the Style Code at the top of the window. You will just need to find the relevant series and add the colour code. Clicking the Default button will set all the colours back to the default settings.

Once you are happy with your settings for the calendar and colours, you can click the Save button to save your calendar embed.

If you want to see a preview of the calendar that will be embedded on your site, you can click the magnifying glass button.

To make changes to the calendar embed, you can click the orange button with the pencil icon.

If you no longer want the calendar embed, you can click the red button with the dustbin icon to delete it. This will mean that the calendar will stop appearing on any web pages that you have embedded it into.

To obtain the embed code for the calendar, click the blue button. This will open a window that contains the code you will need to embed the calendar into your own website.

If you are embedding a calendar into a Church Edit website please contact our support team.  You won't need to contact us if you have already upgraded your site to the Design Builder.

Once the calendar is embedded, visitors to your site will be able to see the events you have chosen to show. If you are a multisite church, they will be able to select which location they would like to see events for and clicking on any event will show more information.

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