Setting up Child Check-in

Only the Campus Pastor can login to the Kids Checkin area and setup Kids Check/ Authorise other people to setup Kids Checkin. This is done by going to Children’s Pastors within the Settings area - please note that anyone given this higher access will have complete access to setting up Child Check-in and DBS checks. It is recommended that Children’s Pastor access is only given to a few senior people in the church as most children’s helpers will not need this access.

To update settings go to Settings and click on the Child Check-in icon

You can store details and expiry of any DBS checks for people who work with your children by clicking the DBS Checks button.

You no longer need to collate all those paper forms for information on children’s medical information and permissions.

With iKnow you can ask all of these questions though the Child Check-in module. Questions are split between Medical and Other Information and can be answered as a text field, multi-line text boxes, tick boxes or radio (yes/no) options.

To add your question go to Custom Questions. 
If you are a multi-campus site then please note that these questions will be the same for all campuses.

Whether your church has 1 class or 20 classes on a Sunday, you can easily add these classes within the Settings > Child Check-in area of iKnow. Just click on the green Add Class button and you can enter the details for the new class.

Once your class is added you can add adults to the class who will be supervising that class.

Each person you add as a Supervisor can have different permissions:
Check-in - they are allowed to check in children for this class
Check-out - they are allowed to check out children for this class
Over-ride - they have permission to allow children to leave with an adult not linked, in iKnow, with the child (this should be reserved for senior members of the team)

If you have any Global Supervisors then these will automatically have access to the class. Global Supervisors are those who are allowed to check-in check out any of the classes and are added by clicking on the Global Supervisor button in the main Child Check-in Settings.

Once you’ve added supervisors then they will have access to the Child Check-in area of iKnow.

To add children to the class click on the Children icon that is next to the class and then start typing the name of the child. You can click on the name, that appears in the list below, to add them to the class. These children will instantly be added to the class.

Children can be added to multiple classes.

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