iKnow Mobile App


iKnow now includes a free mobile app, which is available for all of your iKnow users to download and log in to.

You are able to change some areas of the iKnow Mobile App within the Settings area of iKnow.

You will need to click Settings, at the top of the Dashboard or in the dropdown menu, and then select the Mobile App Builder. This page also gives you the opportunity to upgrade to our Customised Mobile App which allows you to create a bespoke app for your church.

Please Note

Our Custom Mobile App has been withdrawn.  You can see more information about this, on our website, here.

To make changes to the iKnow Mobile App, click the Go button in the iKnow Mobile App section.

From here you are able to change the content of the Featured Page, change the Welcome Message that users will see when they log in to the app, choose the sections that will appear in the app and access some resources to help people access the app.

To change the content of the Featured Page, you will need to click the Featured Page link at the top of the page. You can then click the New Article button and enter the text for your Featured Page. This can either be typed directly in the page editor, or copied and pasted from another source. Once the content has been added, you can click the Preview button to get an idea of how it will look on a phone and, when you’re happy with it, click the Save button. Click iKnow App in the top bar to return to the iKnow Mobile App settings.

To change the Welcome Message, click the Edit button in the Welcome section. You can then change the text in the pop up window that appears and click the Save button.

To choose the sections that will appear in the app click the toggles under App Sections. All of the sections will be visible by default, but you can turn them on or off at any time. Clicking the Reset button will make all the sections visible.

Once someone has downloaded the app to their mobile phone, they will need to use a unique number or QR Code to access the app for your church.

You are able to download the QR code by clicking the Download button in the How to Log In section. This can then be used on posters, flyers, letters, etc, to allow people to access the app.

You can also download a banner, that can be added to your website and your emails, to publicise the app and allow people to log in. You will just need to click the Download button in the Share the Mobile App section.

If you would like the banner to be added to some of the automated emails that are sent through iKnow, such as Rota Reminders and Password Resets, you can use the toggle on the right hand side of the Share Mobile App section.

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