The Abacus

To collect information to be used in Metrics, you will need to use the Abacus module. 

To access the Abacus module, select the icon on the dashboard, or from the drop-down menu.

If you are a multi-Campus church, select the appropriate location from the drop-down menu, enter and choose the event or service from the dropdown list.

Alternatively, if the service is listed in the Recent Events, click the green pencil icon to the right of the event. 

This will bring up all the metrics which have been set up for the Event Category that this event belongs to. If you have not added figures for this event previously, you will be asked to select a category. Adding Collection Series to Categories is covered in the Setting up Metrics video.

The size of the plus and minus icons means this module is easy to use on a smartphone or other small device. The person who has been charged with the job of gathering information using the Abacus module can then quickly and easily count up the number of Church members, visitors, vehicles in the car park, and so on. Alternatively, you can type directly into the central box. You are also able to add notes about the figures, if you need to. Once you have finished, click Save.

If you are adding figures for a number of events, you can click the Back button, which returns you to the start of the process. You can then change the campus, event or date for which you are gathering information, or select a different recent event, and enter the relevant details.

If you need to correct, or update, details for an event you have already added figures for, simply select the event in the Abacus, make the changes you need and click Save. This will update the figures throughout the system.

The information will appear in the Metrics module. More information on reading the Metrics is covered in our other videos.

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