The Service Planner

The Service Planner tool is a simple way to create clear and accessible plans and run sheets for your Services and other events. Clear communication is important within the Church and, using iKnow, you can now make sure that your Church is singing off the same hymn sheet (both literally and proverbially).

You can access the Service Planner in two ways, the first is by clicking on the Service Planner tool from the dashboard.

Next you’ll need to click on ‘Calendar’ in the top toolbar to select the event which you’re producing the plan for.

The second method is to go into the Events Calendar, from the dashboard, and select the event that you’re producing a plan for. To the right hand side, you’ll find a green button which will allow you to produce a service plan for the meeting.

Once you’ve selected your event, you’ll be greeted by a page that looks similar to the one below

To begin building your service plan, click ‘Add Item’.

You’ll now be able to add either the start time for each item in your plan or the duration of each item.  If you don’t want to add timings to your plan, untick the ‘Show item duration’ tick box.

Enter in the name of the Item and add relevant notes for that section. To progress to the next item, click ‘Add Item’ again. You can rearrange each item within the service by clicking on the icon to the left hand side and dragging it into the correct place.

Once you are finished, be sure to save the plan.

***Example plan above

You can now export this plan as a PDF download which you’ll be able to email out to your teams, or print out, and ensure that all the relevant people have access to it.