Set up Giving Page

You are able to create a Giving Page, in iKnow, which people can access and use to give online to your church.  People don't have to be in your iKnow database to use your Giving Page.

Your Giving Page will need to be set up in the Finances module of iKnow, which can be access from the Dashboard or the drop down menu.

You will see the Set up Giving Page option in the menu on the left hand side of the page.


Please Note

If you don't see the option to Set Up Giving Page, you will need to set up a Payment Service Provider (PSP).  To do that, email us at, with your church bank account number and sort code and we will set it up for you.

On the Set Up page, you will be able to upload a logo and add some introductory text, which will appear at the top of the Giving Page.



You can change the Logo by clicking the Change button, below the logo box, and selecting the image from your computer hard drive.  A square image will be best for this.  You can change the text by clicking the Edit button below the text box and entering the text you wish to be displayed.

You will also need to ensure that the Giving Page is Active, if you want people to access it.  If your Giving Page is Inactive, you will need to click the Activate link to activate it.


To view the Giving Page, click the Giving Page link in the grey box at the top of the page

Please Note

There are transaction charges that will be applied to any giving through the Giving Page.  You can see details of the transaction charges on our website, here.

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